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Let you know the common faults of thermal resistance

  Thermal resistance is the most commonly used temperature measuring element in the middle and low temperature area. Generally, thermocouples are used to measure the higher temperature above 500 ℃, but the output thermoelectric potential of thermocouples in the low and medium temperature area below 500 ℃ is very small, so the anti-interference method for the secondary surface is very high, so it is difficult to measure accurately if thermocouples are selected.



Therefore, in the lower temperature area, considering the relative error caused by the change of the cold end temperature is also very outstanding, it is generally suitable to use the thermal resistance to measure the appearance. This is because the thermal resistance in the middle and low temperature area has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and stable function. The measurement principle of the thermal resistance is based on the functional relationship between the resistance and temperature of the conductor or semiconductor data 。
That is to say, when the temperature changes, the resistance of the conductor or semiconductor will also change, and then the temperature value of the measured object will appear through the appearance. Most of the thermistors are made of pure metal materials, and the most widely used thermistor materials are platinum and copper. Platinum resistance has high accuracy and is suitable for neutral and oxidizing media. It has good stability and certain nonlinearity. The higher the temperature, the smaller the change rate of resistance.
Copper resistance is linear with temperature in the range of temperature measurement, which is suitable for non corrosive medium. In addition, the materials such as nickel, manganese and rhodium are also used to make the thermal resistance. The composition and connection method of the thermal resistance temperature measurement system: the composition of the thermal resistance temperature measurement system. The thermal resistance temperature measurement system is generally composed of the thermal resistance, the connecting wire and the appearance.

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