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Electric contact bimetal thermometer

Product Name: electric contact bimetal thermometer
Product No.: 93824-587
Product model: 0
Manufacturer: thermo couple -- Shanghai Feilong instrument & Electrical Co., Ltd

Product details
Electric contact bimetal thermometer

1、 Description:
The electric contact bimetal thermometer is used in the production site, and the temperature needs to be automatically controlled and alarmed. Direct measurement
The temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium in the range of - 80 ℃ - + 500 ℃ during seed production.

2、 Features:
·On site temperature display, intuitive and convenient
·With automatic power cut-off and alarm function
·Safe and reliable, long service life
·Various structures can meet different requirements

3、 Working principle:
The electric contact bimetal thermometer uses the temperature change to drive the contact change, when it is connected with the upper and lower limit contacts
Make the breaker in the circuit work when touching or disconnecting. So as to automatically control and alarm.

4、 Product parameters

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