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WSS-401 402 403bimetallic thermometer

Product name: WSS-401 402 403 bimetallic thermometer
Product No.: 133841-328
Product Model: WSS-401 402 403
Updated: 2009.07.01
Production unit: Thermocoule Thermoresistor, bimetallic thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, tetrafluorinated gasket-Shanghai Feilong Instrument Device Co., Ltd..
Customization: can be customized according to customer needs
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Product Details
Bimetallic thermometer(WSS-401)

Product Profile "
bimetallic thermometer
Product Profile
A bimetallic thermometer is a field measuring instrument for measuring medium and low temperatures. The temperature of liquid, steam and gas media in various production processes can be directly measured from -80 °C to +500 °C.
The temperature is displayed on the spot, and it is intuitive and convenient;
Safety and reliability, long service life;
A variety of structural forms can meet different requirements.
operating principle
The bimetallic thermometer is based on a bimetallic sheet that is wound into a ring-curved shape. When one end is heated and expands, the pointer is rotated, and the working instrument shows the temperature value.
Main technical parameters
Product Implementation Standards
JB/T8803 -1998
The scale plate is known as diameter: 60,100,150
Level of precision:(1.0), 1.5
Heat response time: ≤ 40S
Protection Level: IP55
Angle adjustment error
Angle adjustment error shall not exceed 1.0 g of its range
The return difference of the thermometer should not exceed the absolute value of the basic error limit
The range of repeatability limit of a thermometer should not exceed 1/2 of the absolute value of the basic error limit产品特征 »
Commercial dragon
Product Model WSS-401
Product Specifications, Various Models
A large output of products
Product Price Meter
Company Name Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co. Ltd..

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